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We’re dressed real nice and we’re not selling anything

My date is loud so I’m loud, we bought in early and
I never crane my neck around to see who’s behind us
my eyes are straight-on, we move with precision

She has questions:
Who might, and what then?
Are we too old for this?
She thinks I’m hot but not that hot,
she knows my fuzzy places and the patch
of dry skin I can’t soothe. She knows I worry
that my days aren’t arching towards anything, that
I made a wrong move somewhere, heart closed
and it’s all my fault

Tonight she’s so beautiful
as always, my frightful bride
her acrylics at my wrist she calls me


and tilts her head, no guile,
she speaks in a lilt and she wears a coat big enough to hold us both

I spent my life in love with her

Even in the moments when I lose her

---spinning and the crack of neck, hair, me in motion me alone me, unhooked-
my hand trails behind me the whole time, fingertips alert and reaching


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