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WHO SAW IT, March 27, 2021;


Impossible to accept 

It is possible there is no next


Hard to say who’s blinded

By the great paws of imagination


Always ready to offer up

What’s impossible


Thus speculation has to pass

For actuality


The ardent practice of ordinary logic

Has to pass for the relief of satisfaction


It looks so logical, it seems so true

Paradox & faith wait on the horizon


Whose panther, whose puppy

My panther stays ready




just a day after Vaccination II, a little weak, a little hurting; after a friend’s note saying

how a young, 8yr. old, wants to know if she believes in Heaven and Hell and God; on

the day of my daughter’s birth; being able to imagine what it is impossible to experience

has to be imagination’s inherent paradoxical tragedy always trying to make up for

having tantalized us & excuse itself for torturing us with its unreachable Ultima Thule;

there is a story about someone who sees something they want so they reach for it and

as soon as they reach what they believe they want withdraws and so what remains is

desire, and who can be sad about that; NASA says Ultima Thule

is a place “beyond the known world”

Dara Wier

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