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I am talking to the back of a blast.
Therefore, wasting my efforts on decay.
The living figure, the living figure.

One follows in front of the forces set
against deployed the figure to counter
forces deployed ‘gainst the young health of all.

This baby who is, after all, part whole.
One sees in him oneself. Is there an end
to all the brain work? One is tangled up.

He was the baby who gets taken down.
A father should know the consequences
to the violence they pass on. Taken brain

hold on, you will be made miserable
if there is someone in there, if not you
will be misery. Your choice to be.

I hit the feeling path: whole towns mind made.
Shifts of valences as from metallics.
A thrilling ride called the Pharaoh’s Stutter.

The famous singer’s shirt got caught... humbling
The singer is feeling for his shirt. Sad
and soft. Soft. Soft. Soft. The reason for wombs:

down time, down time. You are in the kennel.
She is the kennel. From certain viewpoints.
Relax your neck and look up. You’ll be fine.

I am in the kennel. Reunited.
They say if an animal can make it,
then it must not be very important.

Those nearby. What do you say?
Regarding the importance of ascent?

                                     — 5/12/21

Ish Klein

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