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I draw.

A horse, but its head doesn’t fit on the page.

I’m underwater and don’t know which way is up to the air.

“Stop flailing,” I tell myself.

I look over the edge.

Lab report: so far it’s like this.

New evidence.

Answers don’t stay.

Questions are more reliable.

Is this the flip side?

Side two?

What kind of love is it?



I miss riding on trains, the whole life squeezed between nonexistences.

What else but this?


I’m so full I don’t feel.

I’m a book in a box, a box in a book, a book in a boot.

I just took a half pill: half paradox and half contradiction.

Join me.

I’m not against you.

I’m just caught in the middle between one you and another you.

I see both of your views, and don’t have my own.

We will discuss it tomorrow.

We will begin with the introduction, preface, prologue, alligator, tiger, bunny.

First we will have whiskey and waffles.


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