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I teach my students that we get lost navigating

and our first thought is to turn around. 

At the end of the movie, I realize the theater’s empty 

and I have been alone that whole time. 

I attempt to make something of substance

out of everything. One cannot simply walk outside.

It’s more complicated than that. A process that, with terrible luck, fades.

I was teaching my students that we have to be cautious 

of everything we know.     I’m trying this new thing called being open.

If a church is abandoned, is there residual warmth or is the whole site now unholy?

If the dead give you looks, should you be concerned they can see you?

If there’s a photograph. If there’s a picture…

If I knew where my mind was, would I be there too?


I have three possibilities when it comes to my first memory. What I know is this:

  1. There’s a door being opened

  2. I’m running in circles through the house

  3. The house is being altered and when I come back to it,

      I can see where things had once been.

 David Wojciechowski

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